I am always doing something. I never have time for me to truly unwind. I kept finding myself having just enough time to take care of everyone and when it came to myself I was either to tired or even worse gave myself sloppy seconds. I made just enough time to say my prays and thank God for everything I have in my life. Either I was rushing to drop my daughter off at daycare, so I can get to work on time or putting off something I really wanted to do because I was to tired from staying up late doing homework.  I was burnt out to the point that I was time doing nothing from time to time. My self-love tank was on E and I could not make it to the nearest gas station.

My days start at 5 am and end around 11 pm. I would work 10 to 11 hours, go to the gym on a good day (my goal was 5 days, but I would only make it 3 days). Cook dinner, homework time with my daughter and then homework time for myself just to wake up and do it all over again. I would feel bad if I did not get to spend good quality time with daughter and it would eat at me. If you are there now, then you truly understand. Something had to change I was tired of having some low days.

That’s when I decided to devote the next 100 days to myself. Now I am very goal orientated but to make this work I had to get supper real with myself. So here is what I did.

30 Minute Workouts 

Since It was already a habit going to the gym there was no issue working out. My challenge was sticking to what I had plan. So, for the next 100 days I must work out every day for 30 minutes. Even if it meant just having time to walk I am doing it. So, if I had an event I still must get in before or after. This helps me be accountable to my goals. This also help me put my health as a #1 priority. This was a promise to myself.

Saying No

Whew this was a hard one for me. I found myself taking on too many collaborations without first seeing if it truly serves the core values I believe. I love helping people and always want to show support. What I have learned is that I can show my support is other ways and I don’t have to run myself into the ground to show you I have here to support you. I now take the time to truly think about it and then give an answer. I also learned how to keep my power and not feel guilty because I could not meet someone else’s needs before I meet my own.

No tv during the Week

I am not a big tv person, but I love watching my shows online. But I had to be honest with myself and see  what else could I do that would be productive in that 30 to 45-minute window. Do not let you be behind and you’re playing catch up.  By doing this I found myself knocking more stuff out and saving my tv time  until Friday  worked for me  and I did feel bad if I wanted to binge for an episode or two.

Staying present

I have gotten a lot better with this I am still a work in progress. Because I am always thinking, planning and trying to take over the world by doing this helps me slow down. I am learning to be in the moment and enjoy it. I love multitasking, but I find I am always rushing to finish the next thing which is not fun all the time.


What I am learning so far on this journey is that the best thing you can do is start. Once you start everything just falls into place. Your reset can look different from mines and that is okay. if you are only able to focus on one thing do that and enjoy the journey.