3 ways to slay a Romper in the Fall

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 Whoever said rompers are only hot in the summer time lied. I believe whenever the sun is shining I must wear shorts. I swear it’s something in my blood stream. I wear shorts all year round, and if it is raining I will just add stockings. If I had it my way I would wear them to work But, they have this thing called a dress code and my shorts had to be one inch above the knee. Let’s just say I have not found a way around it yet lol. If you have a tip, please leave it below.

I really love my legs just as much as Tina Turner loved hers. I want to show you 3 ways to slay this outfit.

The Romper

Now I am attracted to all things that speak in my inner soul. I picked up them gem from my local forever 21, yes me and Forever21 have a bomb ass relationship. I got this on sale for 10.00(currently giving you to look of yes Girl). I was sold when I seen it had a tail and the front was open Yessssssssss. I also enjoy that it is a solid color. This is truly perfect for any occasion, I had picked this up for my cousins wedding.


Add a Peach Blouse  

This is an amazing color combo if I don’t say so myself. Two things I love about this blouse, the first is that it has a cut in the back. The second is it ties in the front. I got this blouse thrifting at Goodwill which was another amazing #SheeFind. I got this blouse for two dollars the brand is called Mimmer in the color peach. If you are not thrifting you should be, thrifting is a world filled with gems.

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Faux Fur Please

I love a nice piece of faux fur. I got this last year from Forever 21, ShEE still makes my heart smile. I decided to add it to the Romper for some flavor. Doesn’t the green and soft pink go together perfectly.


 Shoes, Bag and Accessories

I ordered the shoes from #JustFab which Is an online show website that has everything. I got these 3 years ago and decided to play in them today . I really like the detail on the shoe and the size of the wedges.


The two bags are both from forever 21. I really loved the green one with this look because it is simple yet everything. Then I have my orange one which is a firecracker and ties everything in just right. When it comes to fashion there is no rules

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Dear Beautiful

"Dont be into Trends. Dont make fashion own You , Decide what you are . What you want to express by the way that you dress and the way you love-Ganni Versace