Rashim Bledsaw How I discovered my purpose as a Chef

Hi I am Rashim Bledsaw, owner chef of "Peachy's catering Wings and Things". Established January 19th, 2017; nothing short of a dream come true. I am a young black male with a love for cooking. Inspired by my own truth to live healthy and eat happily. 


Food has always been my first love. As a young man living in the valley; I suffered from both asthma and childhood obesity. Coming from a cooking family I developed a first hand love for cooking with big bold flavors. Food became my comfort zone, as well as being creative in the kitchen, as the desire to feed people became second nature. 


I'm a believer that there is no better way to bring joy to a persons heart then food. Where passion meets hospitality. With a love for food, and an obsession with keeping bellys full! Peachy's Catering Wings and Things will leave your taste buds screaming for more. Where there is a burst of flavor in every bite. 


541 N Fulton #105

Fresno, CA 93728




Open Thu-Sat 11:00am-2:00pm



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