Essentials to Building your Wardrobe


I am a firm believer of mixing gems that you may already have in your closet to take your outfit to the next level. In order to do that successfully we must choose and buy key pieces that will go work any outfit for any occasion. With that said I want  to share some Must have essentials with you as always let’s break this down shall we ...



The first key essential is a BLACK BLAZER.This is something that is key and yet essential because it is so universal. You can wear it with just about anything. This one I am currently wearing I got my local Goodwill for 3.50 cents a great #Sheefind. Invest in a black blazer of good quality. You can wear it in a professional setting, happy hour with girls , and of course Date night. 



Another great thing about the black blazer is that it is a lightweight jacket. Which is great for any season. 



Another great essential is having a white T-shirt in your wardrobe. Now if you have been following my style closet you know me and white are never on the same page . No matter how hard I try to meet SHEE half way we still bump heads to say the least.( keep me prayer) As of now our friendship has some conditions but we are working to meet common ground.  



Having a white shirt in your  wardrobe is key . Why because white goes with everything. We all need those key pieces that brings the outfit together. It’s not what you wear BUT how you wear it . Think about that unique jacket or pants you have and you want something basic that it not flashy but compliments each other . In that moment that is when the white sets in.  


Now this next item is key to any wardrobe. Everyone should own a pair of denim jeans . I am  currently wearing the grey denim . I decided to add to some rips to give it more flavor.  When you have denim in your wardrobe you are able to create different styles . For example you can add a nice blouse,some cute shoes and even a bad ass Jacket.


As you build your wardrobe keep it mind the goal is to build up your canvas.  let me know what your key pieces are leave it down below 




“You can have anything you want If you dress for It”-Edith Head