Overcoming Darkness


I NEED YOU. Hello, can you hear me, I need you. For days I sat in the middle of the floor surrounded by four walls blaming myself for everything that was falling apart in my life. Everything I once knew was lost with no way to survive.  Although my outer shell was unharmed I was just existing while inside I was feeling ashamed to face my reality. In that moment I began to go through a transition. When we go through a lost we claim all the blame and responsibility and carry it around proudly as who we were before or who we are going to become serves no relevance. In this moment pick your head up because this season is preparing you for who you are meant to be.

Emerge into reintroducing yourself to yourself again

This is vital and critical stage that you must first walk in. This part of the process is also going to hurt because you must confront the things that you may have spent so much time covering up. Take this time learn who you really are.

“Loving yourself is a willingness to be in the same space with your own creations. How contracted would you become if you try to withdraw from your own ideas? Loving yourself is not a matter of building your ego. Egotism is proving you are worthwhile after you sunk into hating yourself. Loving yourself will dissolve your ego: You will feel no need to prove you are superior. -Thaddeus Goals

As you begin to restore who you ARE you will begin to create the expectation and standard to accept anything less.

Forgive yourself

For a year and a half, I spent so much time and energy blaming myself for things that was beyond my control. I am going to be honest is was so hard for me, but it is mandatory for you to move into the next chapter of yourself. When we hold our self-captive. We are telling our self we do not deserve healing. You are worth the forgiveness. Own it.


Thriving means allowing your presence to introduce yourself as your smile feels the room. Thriving means owning who you are with no apologies.  Commit to becoming and living the best version of yourself that you can possibly become. Most times we can get to a place where we are so fixed on how the outside is going to perceive us, that we may dim our light to not cause too much attention.  Can I tell you a secret? You are a Diamond, you were made to shine.

“Be the light when you are surrounded by darkness. When others tell you can’t tell yourself YOU CAN. Do something that scares you … but also benefits you 5 years from now. Be the CHANGE you want the world to see.”

As you experience lost, know that you will gain a greater Reward. The greatest gems are always crafted in the dark.

Be Fearless in your pursuit of doing what sets your soul on fire.

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