Acid Wash jeans and Peacoats


November is that you ? Hey Boo .. the sun is still shining in Fresno , Ca and between me and you I am here for it . As we began to  settle into a new season I want to show you some new gems that everyone should have and incorporate into their wardrobe. In order to rock anything regardless if you paid 1 dollar or 100 dollars everything truly begains with confidence. Think of clothes as an accessorie to what is already inside you and let your style help tell your story.



“I think there is beauty in everything what normal people would perceived as ugly , I can usually something of beauty in it.” Alexander McQueen  

I recently went thrifting at my local Amvest and found some amazing gems that I got for 30.00 dollars or less.  Your girl has a eye  for gems and things that will compliment your style . Let’s break this down shall we. 



Can we have a moment for this jacket. I am currently rocking this #Nobelfashion Full length tweed coat. I would personally describe this pattern more of a zebra print but smaller. Remember it’s is all about texture. I picked up this gem for 5.95 cents. Did you hear me yes 5.95 cents , can we say #SheeFind. When I researched online I found this retailing for 74.00 dollars . That right there is 68.05 savings by itself, and it is not heavy.  When it comes to picking any type of jacket, think about how it looks and feels on your body . 



SheeTip: When looking into gems to your wardrobe, make sure you can wear it multiple ways and times. Do not let Social me have you out here thinking you can only rock it once “Girl I wear all my Clothes.” 

This year I have really been added some earth tones to add and create phenomenal looks. I found this gem while also thrifting is by #PowWow in a moss color . 



It’s all about what compliments each other . I got this lovely gem for 2.95 cents . Another #SheeFind if you are this is your first time connecting #SheeFind is where I share all my gems that I found on sale or thrifting. You can see all gems here.  

To complete my full look I paired this with some #Acidwashjeans which are Forever21  that I also scored for $2.95 cents . They will Amazing and I love that they are high waisted and with zippers on the legs.  



#SheeTip: When it comes to high waisted jeans make sure you feel comfortable and it is not tight on your stomach. High waisted jeans can also compliment your height so rock it baby. 



“A lot of people would say “Sexy” is about the body. But to me sexy is a woman with confidence. I admire women who have very little fear.”