A year later


If you would have told me a year ago that I would have made it a year sharing my thoughts and stories with the world I would have said girl bye. It took me a year and half to get started . I was scared and allowed fear to keep me staggered.

”There’s no such thing as being completely ready. You’re never going to feel like you got everything sorted and all figured out. If you get to the place where you’re just alittle but more excited than afraid. That’s when you go for it. That’s when you go all in . Hell with playing safe”- The better Man Project  

I got to a point where I told myself enough is enough. So I want to tell you what I learned but first let’s talk results. As of 10/08/18 8500 interactions with my website. I didn’t not even have a plan , that Is Phenomenal. For the most part I update once a week not including interviews. So now I am working on new goals to take me to the next level . My readership includes Us , Canda , China , Russia and the Philippines.  I am truly thankful for everyone who reads and enjoys my content. 

If you are looking to get started just do it and learn along the way , the biggest lesson I have learned is kicking fears ass .