How to Become Unstoppable


In a world full of noise, you can find me showing up to my dream. I am talking about the things that feels my heart and send chills down my spine . Before I really settled towards showing up for my dreams, I had to get real serious with myself and ask “Diedre , when is the last time you showed up for your Dreams ?“. What I have realized is I was not showing up for myself and two most of us want to do the things that we are passionate about , but we give our current situation a front row seat while we cruise on auto control.



“And one day she discovered that she was Fierce, and strong and full of fire. And not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears”- Mark Anthony  



I remember spending a year and a half thinking about what would happen if I just went for it . I mean I wrote it down , had several sticky notes, attended webinars. To be honest I was so wrapped up in what it would look like that it stopped me from getting started. Most times we would get comfortable with the excuse because it is easier than making the commitment to show up everyday. If you have ever felt this way you are not alone.

The truth is our purpose burns inside of us for a Reason. It is our job to share it with the world , they need what you have to say . In order to get to where you need to go here is what you will need . 



Trust Yourself  

If I had a dollar for every excuse I gave myself when it seemed like it was impossible to just get started. Believeing in Yourself is powerful. You have to know that even if no one else see’s it you must see it for yourself. 

She Believed she could so she Did.” 

Show Up

If you do not take anything else from me trust me when I say

 “SHOW UP”. 

In order to be considered you have to be there to be seen. Take the first step and then follow that action with another step. Now showing up happens in many different forms such as reading the book, applying for the job. Sharing what you do. Or just as simple as writing a blog post . Whatever that is for you just decide and make it happen.



Never Stop Investing  

Learning will take you beyond the surface. You have  to be able to add to the conversation, without knowledge you will not  be able to do that . Do not be afraid to seek a professional. Anything worth having will take time and patience so make it count. Ps if you have not joined yet please make sure you attend Google University, Research, Research, Research .



Own your Magic  

I enjoy learning and growing from sisterhood and my biggest take away is the magic that we have . You know the things that make you stand out in the crowd. Own that . I use to shrink myself because the environment I was in was uncommon to really thrive the way we were created to be . 

”Find your thing and do it better than anybody else does . Do that thing even if you think that thing has no value because I promise you that it does .And I promise you that other people will see this value too.”