Mesh and Boyfriend Jeans


Well hello February is that you boo , come on  in here and have a seat . This weekend the weather is beyond amazing if I must Say so myself . To be honest since I have lived here I have noticed we do not have long winters where it is freezing cold . 



Can I just say for the record I love these jeans. Lane Bryant I appreciate you ... before we get into it I wanted to leave a fashion gem .. when you are looking for ways to bring your outfit together, look for different textures that will compliment each other and your body shape. This will make your outfit building effortless, when you feel good it shows in your appearance.  



my first gem to building my outfit was this black mesh bodysuit top that I picket up from Forever21. This is what I call a universal piece which means you can pair it with different looks. In my opinion you can never go wrong with mesh. 


To compliment my top I paired it my favorite pair of jeans I am loving right now . Which are my Lane Bryant boyfriend skinny jeans. If you are looking for some jeans that will compliment your shape and are affordable I highly recommend these. I love the denim and ribed details. I also paired with this orange top from #Sheefinds. 



Now the Coat I am wearing is a gem in its own right . Most people will Shy  away from it or think it will be impossible to pair it with anything. I found this at my local thrift store #teamamvest. This jacket is by Sag Harbor Ragon. I was drawn to the details of the coat. 



The goal is not to match but create a look that takes your style to the next level. I got this jacket for seven dollars . This my friend is   What I call a win. Now you know I needed my red heels right . 



I am wearing my Anewday red heels, which I picked up from Target .  Now once you put everything together you will come out with a master Piece.  



 Think For YOURSELF ALOUD- Coco Chanel