Be of Service of Yourself


It is in our nature to take care of the people around us first . Once they are taken care of then we will give into ourself. Depending on what we are doing for the other person it may require a lot of time and energy. Because we believe and want to support them we will show up and support them. BUT why is it that we do not show up For ourselves the same way. I don’t believe we do it on purpose the truth is , it’s not a priority. What I have learned is that in order to be in the business of serving others you must serve yourself first . A prime example, if you have ever flown  on an airplane, before you take off they go over the emergency instructions. Thoes instructions are “Put on your oxygen mask first before you help others “. It is okay to put yourself first and don’t apologize for it. Now in order to be in the service of yourself you must 


Understand Your Value  

This one seems easy , but in fact it is one of the hardest. When you understand your value you know exactly what you bring to the table. Knowing your value also means knowing when it is time to walk away from things that no longer serve you or will help you grow . 


Meet your Needs First  

What do you want . In order for you to expect someone else to meet your needs,You must Be Filling your Needs First . Don’t expect someone else to give you more that what you are given yourself.


Be Shameless In Loving You  

The love that you are given yourself should be infectious. And what I mean by that is your love tank is so full it overflows and impacts anyone you come in contact with. People will have no other choice but to treat you the same. So if you are given yourself shorts expect the same from someone else. Take yourself on dates , buyyourself flowers , make it an number one priority to invest in yourself daily . Celebrate everything that make you amazing.


Remember you are your best teacher. Please share below what you do to be in service of yourself.