Must have for Spring Denim Duster


Can I be the first to say Spring is settling into Fresno early on these amazing sunny days. I mean we are only into our 3rd  week of February right. If this is your first time here welcome , come in and have a look around. So I am here with another fabulous #Sheefinds.( sheefinds are gems that I find and pair them to create stylish outfits)



If you are thinking of something stylish and lightweight then this Denim Duster is for you . I happened to stroll into Forever 21 . Now let me just say my only mission was to find a little backpack or handbag . As you can see I left with more than I attended. I picked up this coat for 7.00 dollars originally on sale for 29.99 . This is perfect for any occasion you can not go wrong with denim. I paired my jacket with my #Sheeapparel Tee. Remember when you are creating your outfits let the clothes do all the talking. 



You seriously can not go wrong with graphic tees. When pairing graphic tees think about textures and layers to your outfit. To complete this look . I found this cute stretch knit skirt which I also got from Forever 21 . I was drawn to it because of the color . 


choose pieces that compliment your figure and style . You want to be comfortable and stylish it is all in your body language. How would you rock this Denim Duster share with me below 


I Wanted to be a certain kind of woman  

I BECAME THAT KIND OF WOMAN- Diane Von Furstenburg  



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