The Offically Alldolledup Up Experience


Let me start off by saying I am so proud of Andrea Michelle and what is come from #Officallyalldolledup . On Saturday we got to witness one of many of Andrea Michelle productions . If you are wondering what it is let me catch you up to speed real quick . OfficallyAllDolledUp is an experience from fashion , beauty and Hair .  And of course a RunwayShow  ... this was a PopUpShop and Mixer 



On Saturday 02/03/2018 Andrea created a space where you can shop the latest plus-size trends from the hottest shoes , costs and clothes and we can not forget about the accessories. You also got to enjoy hot music  from DJ FATSwhile shopping and taking home new gems .  



There was live Red carpet where you got to talk fashion and of course when you think of #OfficallyAllDolledup what does that mean to you .  



Stay tuned for more great things coming From Andrea Michelle