Shades of Green


Somewhere in between this heat I have manage to feel comfortable in a pair of my favorite jeans and this comfortable top. I remember back in the day I use to be so scared to really mix prints and textures that a little off .  Let alone a crop top , but let me tell you it is so freeing to just wear whatever you feel like it ,without seeking permission. 

This also leads me to the importance of truly showing up for yourself. I started sharing my fashion chronicles in October and the main thing I kept on thinking about was why didn’t I start before. I had all these excuses on why I just didn’t get started . I have learned so much about myself and my passions since I have put my first foot forward. 

When it comes to what you wear the same attitude applies. What I have learned is when you are comfortable and confident in what you wear your attitude is unlimited. Pick things that compliment your body and mood. 

This top is perfect for any occasion. It is very light weight and the color is a mint green I picked this up Forever21 and I believe I paid 3.00 dollars for it , can we say #Sheefind. 

I paired it with Lane Bryant skinny jeans.I really love these . Not only can I wear them as high waisted but they fit my curves in all the right places .To really bring the look together I added my black pumps and my pink bag. 

Top: Forever21

Pants : Lane Bryant  

shoes : Target  

gems : Forever21 , Target   

How would you rock this look ?