Burnt Orange and Mesh


There is something powerful when you are determined to stand and express yourself . Can I be honest with you? It took me a year in half to start my fashion chronicles where I would be held accountable for updating and posting regularly. I had so many notes in my notebooks I started to feel ashamed. 

I remember feeling incomplete because the things that my heart desired,I would continue to place on hold. If I asked myself a question I would have a response to my questions. Some of my excuses looked like . Well I  am a single parent I do not have time . Another excuse would be my full time job demanded 11 hours from me and I was tired . Even worse I compared myself to people who been in the grove vs focusing on how I can share my message . 

I remember talking to my daughters father asking him if he can help me watch Amiya during my visiting time so I can build my Dream his response “I can try”. When I hung up reality showed up and was no longer going to move over while I make bullsh** excuse . In that moment I realized I was willing to yet again place my success on someone elses time table . Within that moment I decided I am going to go for it and not look back . I am happy to report I am so happy that I did.

You should also have this same attitude when it comes to your style . As we walk into a new season think about how you want to express yourself . What is it that you actually want to say ? Whatever that is do that and don’t look back . 

This fall I am loving Burnt orange and Mesh together. Both gems I picked up from my local Forever21. The top is an actual body suit that has mesh sleeves I got this for 3.00 dollars yes girl . I have an eye for gems  can we say#Sheefinds .  

The skirt could be worn two ways which are regular or high waisted. This look is great for your favorite holiday party , brunch or just because. One tip to keep in mind is make sure you have the proper gear on that way your clothes can look smoother and stays in place .  

What are you looking forwarded to this fall ?  

📸 EventfulMagic