Most of us have believed that courage takes more effort and energy then we have available during this journey we call life . In the moments where your voice depends on it is the moment you must arrive. 

“Each time a woman’s stand up for herself without knowing it possible without claiming it. She stands up for all women.”-Maya Angelou



Arriving can seem scary if you are use to putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own . I Am often reminded of my strength and courage I have . But in reality there’s a  difference in the strength and molding as we come into our own . When you have the courage to show up you are sending body signals that you are worth it .


”She Believed she could so she did.” 



Courage does not have to be this big gesture. The biggest act is showing up. If there are things that you have been putting off this is your moment to show . You deserve everything you put your mind to .  




Jacket: SheeApparel

Pants : Lane Bryant  

Shirts : Forever 21

shoes: Lane Bryant