How to achieve your goals


The clock strikes 12 on 12/31. Which sends a signal to resets all the things we told ourselves last year and start the year new fresh. Raise your hand if that beach body is coming soon 🙋🏾‍♀️.I remember for 3 years straight I kept telling myself #Itsmyyear and if I could not get to the things I planned during that year I would easily add it to my new year goals. What I realized is that it is not about the year is starting over but it has to be about the mindset we set for ourself and the things we want to accomplish.



The truth is ,we can complete anything that we focus and put our mind to .This gift can also under serve us as well . If we spend a lot of time focusing on what Is not working without an action plan we will be stuck in what could have been .( between me and you I have been apart of this community , side eyeing where I use to be ). Babe between my sticky notes and planners you would not tell me I was not great .  


” You GOT to put some Purpose behind that Prayer”



If you are ready to see your goals come to life then these gems are for you ... 

Start where you are  

 It is really that simple . The moment you decide is the moment everything changes. If at this moment you can only commit to showing up on Fridays . Then Friday is the day where everyone gets the magic . It does not have to be complicated. Do the very best you can with what you have .

check in weekly  

Now in order to keep progress of your goals you will need to know where you stand . This is called visualization. This also allows you to see where you to gage if it is working or if you need to make a quickly adjustment. 



Work your plan

This is going to require work . Work what you planned out on paper . It doesn’t matter if you have all the steps , resolutions or whatever else you tell yourself . Nothing will not move forward without effort . I can assure you if you apply this tips to your everyday life and plans you will see drasttic results. 

I Will leave you with this . “How bad do you want it ?”