If Not now WHEN?


Can you believe that we are into the Last week of February? I am sitting here going over all the big plans I had set for this month and if I can be honest I only got to do half of them . In my mind and attitude I am superwoman ( don’t judge me 💁🏾 Lol ) but the way my days are set up , baby you need to Plan this out and plan it again ( my exact response when I don’t get to everything on my list .

You want to know the secret to going after your dream ? Keep on showing up even if it is small progress. This leads me to a deeper thought .. How many times do you tell yourself next Monday I am going to be Amazing ( girl if you were in my thoughts and could see them rolling there eyes at me .  



If you are there or been there you are not alone. 

  The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.-Oprah Winfrey 





A lot of times we tell ourselves we are waiting for the perfect opportunity to be GREAT. The truth is there will never be the best great time so just jump in. If these 3 questions are answered it is time to get started.

what is the mission 

what is your purpose? And how will this help others ? This is vital before you can move forward. Your mission and purpose will always be bigger than YOU. We all were created to make an impact so use your gifts .


Surround your self with around positive people  

It has been proven that one bad apple can ruin the bunch . If you are constantly in contact with people who do work on them self , always negative, and run you down for trying quess what that is going to carry over to you . When you are in the beginning of showing up you will question yourself but keep on going .


Start where you are   

Everything you need to get started starts with you .Everything else will fall inline. The hardest part is Making the decision to start and carrying that out with action. 


If you were looking for confirmation . This is it .