Peplum Top & Curvy skinny Jeans


Well hello Gorgeous, I hope Monday is servering you something amazing. If we are connecting for the first time Hey Girl Hey . It’s Monday the sun is out in these Fresno streets . We are just starting to allow spring to show me a good time . You know crop tops , ripped jeans and sandals all season long . Well for me I rock my gems all year long , always have .




Can we have a moment with this Top please .  Lane Bryant came through with this one . I am

rocking the #Extremeasymmetricalpeplumtop . She flows amazing and fits just right . You can rock this a few ways . You can dress it up or keep it chic and casual . If you been rocking with me for a while then you already know I am going to do both .



Now these jeans here . glllooorryyy .. they fit just right thru even have that stretch to it .. Yes Jesus I am wearing the #trureligion curvy jeans . They are everything and some . find you a good pair of jeans that will hug your body in all the right places without any apologies, I promise they will bless you . 


We are always looking for the best things . Rule of thumb if you feel amazing then it is the right fit .