That One TIME


Well hello gorgeous it’s been a minute since I got to share my thoughts on this here amazing Monday. If you ever felt as if once you told yourself (This is The Plan).Everything is going to go as Plan once you choose you that is an understatement.  These last few months have been a whirl of Remembering why I got started to where I am headed . And the only thing that kept showing up every single time was MY WHY . No matter how overwhelmed I may have felt in that moment,the answer always remained the same .



Anything I thought I wanted GOD always shows me that what he has for me is bigger than what I may feel is bigger than me at the time. Look I get it ....somethings that comes along our path is wayy too much , BUT EVERYTHING WORKS To either improves us or let us know that we may need to devotr , pivot or remove all together. 

I was expressing the adversity that I felt was unfair to a good friend and it was something that she said to me that shifted my perspective. The things I was talking about she stated “Everything you mentioned is everything you overcame Already” Let me say that again Everything you mentioned is something you already overcame.





What are you holding on too ? that you are allowing it to take presidents in your WHY. I encourage you to change your perspective. Now this doesn’t mean your problems will disappear but the way you approach and handle them will make a huge difference. I have been on the battlefield for the last few months dealing with people and motives that wanted to distract me .. from having my daughters father make up all these lies and take me back to court on false information.. (Girl) Good Things I am a women of my word and I can back up EVERYTHING. Being a rock mom while Loving Yourself  can create different dynamics . But what I can tell you for sure . Everything that comes my way has positioned me and my daughter higher. 


So what are you willing to allow you to excel to where you need to be . There is no time to play victim. But to show up and own who you are . In a world filled with chaos choose adversity and remember your WHY