Hey Gorgeous

I use to be scared to really spread my wings and fly, not because I was scared of heights but because I owned what people thought I should be over what I was created to be. There was a point in my life where I prided myself on being extremely loyal to people and things that did not return the same loyalty. TRUTH IS, I thought if they could see ME… They would know my worth is valued at the highest CURRENCY. While trying to make sure everyone else could see me , I LOST ME . I went through a period in my life where I was broken and unsure of my purpose. It was in the darkness that I was able to gain STRENGTH, I found ME, I found FORGIVENESS, I found JOY.

Helping others excite me, My mission is to empower and celebrate women around the world to Be Fearless, Brave and Phenomenal in the pursuit of doing whats sets your soul on fire . Most importantly owning your story, and showing up EVERYDAY. I hope this space inspires you to be yourself . Have a look around , Read , shop and join the Newsletter.