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Date Yourself
source: Google 

source: Google 

There was never a period in my life I thought I would be alone for a long period of time. For the most part I have always had someone  to do things with. You know go to the mall with my girlfriends. Out to dinner with “Bae” or if it was Real good Heyyyyy ( channeling my inner B in the Yonce’ video ) yo girl got it lol , but that is a different post for another day .

It was not until I started to grow in a new season that it was vital to date myself again. I am talking about the works , get dolled up , putting  on my favorite perfume and keeping  my vase full of my favorite followers.  

The truth is ... I can’t expect anyone else to Invest in me if I can not do it for myself . This process was hard . I had to confront the things that were painful to face . I had to unlearn unhealthy behaviors by going to threaphy ,and started to surrounding myself with people who were not onlying thriving but living too . Most importantly I had to decide that who I wanted to become was worth it. This is how it looks ....

When you are NOT dating yourself your  

  • Passing up on opportunities because no one is free to join you  
  • Your happiness is contingent on someone else presence instead of yours   
  • Your growth is complacent  

When you ARE dating Yourself  

  • You value your time and peace  
  • You learn more about yourself each day  
  • Your worth is priceless ( yes you set the Tone ) 
  • you to step outside of your comfort zone  

What I have learned and continue to learn is that YOU can rewrite your story , what you have been through is not your final destination. Dating myself has allowed me to evolved beyond any expectation and it is necessary. Before you can expect to be wanted and valued in anyone else’s space you have to learn how to loving being in your own .