How to wear a Coral Boho Dress

Something amazing happens when wear a dress that compliments your body and style . I hope your Mother’s Day was anything less than amazing. I want to show you how you can wear this dress to the next Brunch ,family  outing even great for a daytime wedding.



I am wearing a Coral Boho Dress that I picked up from #Forever21. If you haven’t noticed yet this store is one of my favorites. This is a perfect #Sheefind . I paid 5.00 dollars for this dress as it was on the infamous clearance. Now you know I love a good sale . 


When looking for a dress keep two things in mind . The first thing is to decide  what style you are looking for and how you want it to fit your body . The second thing to keep in mind is the details on this dress I really enjoyed the bohemian details that are embroidered.    

When looking for a dress keep two things in mind . The first thing is to decide  what style you are looking for and how you want it to fit your body . The second thing to keep in mind is the details on this dress I really enjoyed the bohemian details that are embroidered. 



Because the dress was Coral I decided to add my favorite pair of gold heels which are from Target , brand #Anewday to complete this look along with gold and white accessories.  


How would you style this color and style of dress ? 

Off Shoulder Olive Jumpsuit

Can we just say for the record , MELANIN is popping . Summer is almost here. To be honest I celebrate summer all year round. It’s in my blood. So about this light olive jumpsuit. Now this here #Forever21 is showing out you hear me. To be honest I am not mad , Shee Ready (Tiffany Haddish Voice)

” The most Courageous Act is still to Think for yourself ALOUD-COCO CHANEL “ 



So about this Jumpsuit, I pick up from one of my favorites #Forever21 . Guess how much I paid for it. Can we say #SheeFind , I got this Jumpsuit for 5.00 dollars.  The material of this Jumpsuit is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Now I was looking for something else but you know I had to look in the clearance section.  



This originally retailed for 24.99 and we meet at 5.00 dollars. When the seasons change they market things down which in my view means Amazing. It is also important not to shop trends , instead look pieces that you love but most importantly feel amazing on your body . I want to share a few tips  when it comes to wearing and picking out Jumpsuits.  



1.Have Confidence  

Whatever you decide to do and wear always have confidence. Know that you make this look good because You say it does . The clothes look amazing because of the person who is wearing them . Also have a kick ass attitude. ( who going to check me Boo -Sheree Whitfield) 



2. Allow it to flow on your Body 

Nobody got time to be wearing anything that makes us feel uncomfortable. When trying on the Jumpsuit make sure you are able to move around freely. If it doesn’t then that means your gem is still out there .  



3. Add Accessories 

When thinking about the accessories, ask yourself how can you elevate your look . Don’t over think it because it is all in the details . This could be by adding lipstick, dope earrings , bangles even a hand bag. 


How would you slay your jumpsuit? Remember always be Fearless, Brave and Phenomenal. 


Must have for Spring Denim Duster

Can I be the first to say Spring is settling into Fresno early on these amazing sunny days. I mean we are only into our 3rd  week of February right. If this is your first time here welcome , come in and have a look around. So I am here with another fabulous #Sheefinds.( sheefinds are gems that I find and pair them to create stylish outfits)



If you are thinking of something stylish and lightweight then this Denim Duster is for you . I happened to stroll into Forever 21 . Now let me just say my only mission was to find a little backpack or handbag . As you can see I left with more than I attended. I picked up this coat for 7.00 dollars originally on sale for 29.99 . This is perfect for any occasion you can not go wrong with denim. I paired my jacket with my #Sheeapparel Tee. Remember when you are creating your outfits let the clothes do all the talking. 



Yo seriously can not go wrong with graphic tees. When pairing graphic tees think about textures and layers to your outfit. To complete this look . I found this cute stretch knit skirt which I also got from Forever 21 . I was drawn to it because of the color . 


choose pieces that compliment your figure and style . You want to be comfortable and stylish it is all in your body language. How would you rock this Denim Duster share with me below 


I Wanted to be a certain kind of woman  

I BECAME THAT KIND OF WOMAN- Diane Von Furstenburg  



diedre curryComment
Women’s Boyfriend Blazer Pants Suit

Own It . I Repeat Own It . Whatever you are attached to own it . Can we just say for the record that Targets new brand #Anewday is showing up and showing out .I am here to create and express myself. I found this amazing outfit for 35.00 dollars . Yes the jacket, shirt and pants totaled to 35.00 dollars . Can we say #Sheefind



I was literally just talking to one of my best friends last week about getting me a suit . And then I find one the following week . 

The fit of the suit is a large and it fits amazing. I really love the fact that the suit is blue pinstripes. I decided to pair it with a white tank top. This is great for an event or even brunch .A must have to keep in the closet .    

The fit of the suit is a large and it fits amazing. I really love the fact that the suit is blue pinstripes. I decided to pair it with a white tank top. This is great for an event or even brunch .A must have to keep in the closet . 



when selecting suit pants pay attention to how the material feels against your body. You want to always feel amazing in whatever you wear.



Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There's no how-to road map to style. It's about self expression and, above all, attitude." —Iris Apfel

Sequin Skirt , Blazer &Black heels

These days I find myself living for textures and bold colors. And of course some kick ass lipstick. The weather in Fresno is still cold but we still see mostly sunny days . With that said why not add more sequins to make the days better .  



This week I want to show you how I brought together a  scarf, a  blazer , a white T-shirt that is a must have in your essentials ( see Must haves here ) a Sequin skirt  and some black heels which equals a killer outfit aka SHeefinds Goodness.  



So this scarf is amazing I am currently obsessed with it to say the least. I picked this up from my local forever 21 and guess how much I paid for it ... 1.00 dollar . They also have a sale going on So I got other colors for free. When you are pairing outfits look for things that are going to take the outfit to the next level and speak when you don’t have too.  



Now with any outfit I love a good jacket to tie it all together and this blazer does just that . I am wear a Carlson blazer that I got for .75 cents while thrifting at my local #amvestfresnothriftstore .like any sane person I had to take that home and it is the perfect color don’t you agree ? This will be perfect for any occasion  .



Can we have a moment for this skirt please and thank you . My life is all the way gotten lol . I am wearing a velvet camo Sequin mini skirt which I also got from Forever 21 for 5.00 dollars . I love when I find gems that are on sale . If you haven’t noticed Sequin is making a come back in many different forms . This was the perfect texture to bring the outfit to life . I added my white T-shirt to bring all the elements together. 



When mixing textures think of ways to express yourself non verbally  . What do you want to say to the world without actually talking. To complete this look I know these heels from #Anewday would be an amazing fit. 



Everyone should own a nice black pair of heels I am currently looking for another great pair . 



Let me know how you would rock this outfit below. 

”A woman’s dress should be like a barbed wire fence : serving it’s purpose without obstructing the View”- Sophia Loren  

Add A Beret to your Look

Hello Gorgeous I hope your New Year’s is off to an amazing start. As always today is Monday and I want to share some fabulous #Sheefinds tips that can enhance your wardrobe. Now if this is your first your time here welcome  . Have a look around and join my newsletter so you never miss an update. Every Monday I share fashion Finds, looks and tips on how to slay whatever you have in your closet . I am also big on thrifting and sales items . So let’s get into this shall we ...



I recently went thrifting and came up on some amazing gems. Anywhere from tops , blazers , and slacks . See all my finds #Sheefinds  


The Look   

Who said you can not wear a nice pair of slacks with everything. I swear you can wear them with just about anything. I decided to pair these slacks with this top and one of my favorite jackets in the whole wide world . To complete the look I added a red beret hat



I   am wearing Courtenary slacks which I got for 1.90  cents . Yes a 1.90 cents from my local #TeamAmvets which is a local non profit thrift store that supports veterans. I went on a special day when the tag was red and they were offering 75% of tagged price . Now the way my thrifting is set up I could not leave 1.90 on the table . So I did like any sane person and ran my pants to the car and locked all the doors . 



I decided to pair it with one of my favorite blouse which you seen me rock in my #ootw The Perfect Peacoat. If you missed it check it out here. This shirt is from the Rock & Republic and I got it for 5.95 cents. Which I also got thrifting at #TeamAmvest . 

I really love the element of the collar and what it brings to the outfit. Now my favorite jacket was not thrifted. I got this from my grandpas house . My auntie left it behind and I decided to keep it alive . The jacket is by Cascais Of California and I loveeee this coat . I wear it as much as I please 



To complete the look I wanted to add a hat so I added this Beret. This was gifted to me and I was like I can wear this somewhere trust me .I got this gem from forever21 . I think this is the perfect staple to add to your wardrobe especially for fall . I also love the silver rings details it has on it.  



Now you know I had to add some amazing shoes to it. I decided to add my red shoes that recently joined the family. I wore them in my New Years post . They are from #anewday which I got from target . I got these on sale for 20.98  







Let me know how you would style this outfit down below..