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Sequin Skirt , Blazer &Black heels

These days I find myself living for textures and bold colors. And of course some kick ass lipstick. The weather in Fresno is still cold but we still see mostly sunny days . With that said why not add more sequins to make the days better .  



This week I want to show you how I brought together a  scarf, a  blazer , a white T-shirt that is a must have in your essentials ( see Must haves here ) a Sequin skirt  and some black heels which equals a killer outfit aka SHeefinds Goodness.  



So this scarf is amazing I am currently obsessed with it to say the least. I picked this up from my local forever 21 and guess how much I paid for it ... 1.00 dollar . They also have a sale going on So I got other colors for free. When you are pairing outfits look for things that are going to take the outfit to the next level and speak when you don’t have too.  



Now with any outfit I love a good jacket to tie it all together and this blazer does just that . I am wear a Carlson blazer that I got for .75 cents while thrifting at my local #amvestfresnothriftstore .like any sane person I had to take that home and it is the perfect color don’t you agree ? This will be perfect for any occasion  .



Can we have a moment for this skirt please and thank you . My life is all the way gotten lol . I am wearing a velvet camo Sequin mini skirt which I also got from Forever 21 for 5.00 dollars . I love when I find gems that are on sale . If you haven’t noticed Sequin is making a come back in many different forms . This was the perfect texture to bring the outfit to life . I added my white T-shirt to bring all the elements together. 



When mixing textures think of ways to express yourself non verbally  . What do you want to say to the world without actually talking. To complete this look I know these heels from #Anewday would be an amazing fit. 



Everyone should own a nice black pair of heels I am currently looking for another great pair . 



Let me know how you would rock this outfit below. 

”A woman’s dress should be like a barbed wire fence : serving it’s purpose without obstructing the View”- Sophia Loren  

Blazer ,Screen Tee and Mesh Top

Let me just say the chill is starting to set in these Fresno neck  of the woods. I still find some ways to have my legs and get as much sunshine as I possibly can. I hope your week is off to an amazing start. As for me well you know. My mission is to leave my fingerprint on the world. If you are thinking of ways to leave your fingerprint always remember to be Fearless, Brave and Phenomenal. I am a firm believer of slaying what you already have and take it to the next level. Fashion is not about brands it about the style you present to the world. Let’s break this down shall we.


The Blazer

This is becoming one of my favorite jackets by far. I love the style, color and fit. The blazer and I first meet at this fabulous store called #Goodwill. I swear I always find amazing gems. This jacket is by #Somersandhunt and you know I got it for a steal right. I paid 3.50 cents for it a steal right. Every time I go there I always leave with something. Don’t be afraid to mix prints and play around with looks. If you recreate this look please share it with me below.


Screen Tee

Now I love tee shirts that express your mood, purpose and fashion. I am currently rocking my very own line #sheeapparel . This is one of my first and yet very personal at the same time. I solely believe that self-investment is mandatory. This tee shirt can be worn with anything and for any occasion. If you also believe that Self investment is important  grab yours here.


Mesh Skirt

More mesh please. Now me and cream or white never seem to get along. But these days we have been coming to common ground. I picked this skirt from forever21 in the color cream. I believe I paid 10 dollars for it. The Skirt is very comfortable. another gem that you can wear.