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Off Shoulder Olive Jumpsuit

Can we just say for the record , MELANIN is popping . Summer is almost here. To be honest I celebrate summer all year round. It’s in my blood. So about this light olive jumpsuit. Now this here #Forever21 is showing out you hear me. To be honest I am not mad , Shee Ready (Tiffany Haddish Voice)

” The most Courageous Act is still to Think for yourself ALOUD-COCO CHANEL “ 



So about this Jumpsuit, I pick up from one of my favorites #Forever21 . Guess how much I paid for it. Can we say #SheeFind , I got this Jumpsuit for 5.00 dollars.  The material of this Jumpsuit is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Now I was looking for something else but you know I had to look in the clearance section.  



This originally retailed for 24.99 and we meet at 5.00 dollars. When the seasons change they market things down which in my view means Amazing. It is also important not to shop trends , instead look pieces that you love but most importantly feel amazing on your body . I want to share a few tips  when it comes to wearing and picking out Jumpsuits.  



1.Have Confidence  

Whatever you decide to do and wear always have confidence. Know that you make this look good because You say it does . The clothes look amazing because of the person who is wearing them . Also have a kick ass attitude. ( who going to check me Boo -Sheree Whitfield) 



2. Allow it to flow on your Body 

Nobody got time to be wearing anything that makes us feel uncomfortable. When trying on the Jumpsuit make sure you are able to move around freely. If it doesn’t then that means your gem is still out there .  



3. Add Accessories 

When thinking about the accessories, ask yourself how can you elevate your look . Don’t over think it because it is all in the details . This could be by adding lipstick, dope earrings , bangles even a hand bag. 


How would you slay your jumpsuit? Remember always be Fearless, Brave and Phenomenal.