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Add A Beret to your Look

Hello Gorgeous I hope your New Year’s is off to an amazing start. As always today is Monday and I want to share some fabulous #Sheefinds tips that can enhance your wardrobe. Now if this is your first your time here welcome  . Have a look around and join my newsletter so you never miss an update. Every Monday I share fashion Finds, looks and tips on how to slay whatever you have in your closet . I am also big on thrifting and sales items . So let’s get into this shall we ...



I recently went thrifting and came up on some amazing gems. Anywhere from tops , blazers , and slacks . See all my finds #Sheefinds  


The Look   

Who said you can not wear a nice pair of slacks with everything. I swear you can wear them with just about anything. I decided to pair these slacks with this top and one of my favorite jackets in the whole wide world . To complete the look I added a red beret hat



I   am wearing Courtenary slacks which I got for 1.90  cents . Yes a 1.90 cents from my local #TeamAmvets which is a local non profit thrift store that supports veterans. I went on a special day when the tag was red and they were offering 75% of tagged price . Now the way my thrifting is set up I could not leave 1.90 on the table . So I did like any sane person and ran my pants to the car and locked all the doors . 



I decided to pair it with one of my favorite blouse which you seen me rock in my #ootw The Perfect Peacoat. If you missed it check it out here. This shirt is from the Rock & Republic and I got it for 5.95 cents. Which I also got thrifting at #TeamAmvest . 

I really love the element of the collar and what it brings to the outfit. Now my favorite jacket was not thrifted. I got this from my grandpas house . My auntie left it behind and I decided to keep it alive . The jacket is by Cascais Of California and I loveeee this coat . I wear it as much as I please 



To complete the look I wanted to add a hat so I added this Beret. This was gifted to me and I was like I can wear this somewhere trust me .I got this gem from forever21 . I think this is the perfect staple to add to your wardrobe especially for fall . I also love the silver rings details it has on it.  



Now you know I had to add some amazing shoes to it. I decided to add my red shoes that recently joined the family. I wore them in my New Years post . They are from #anewday which I got from target . I got these on sale for 20.98  







Let me know how you would style this outfit down below.. 

Blazer ,Screen Tee and Mesh Top

Let me just say the chill is starting to set in these Fresno neck  of the woods. I still find some ways to have my legs and get as much sunshine as I possibly can. I hope your week is off to an amazing start. As for me well you know. My mission is to leave my fingerprint on the world. If you are thinking of ways to leave your fingerprint always remember to be Fearless, Brave and Phenomenal. I am a firm believer of slaying what you already have and take it to the next level. Fashion is not about brands it about the style you present to the world. Let’s break this down shall we.


The Blazer

This is becoming one of my favorite jackets by far. I love the style, color and fit. The blazer and I first meet at this fabulous store called #Goodwill. I swear I always find amazing gems. This jacket is by #Somersandhunt and you know I got it for a steal right. I paid 3.50 cents for it a steal right. Every time I go there I always leave with something. Don’t be afraid to mix prints and play around with looks. If you recreate this look please share it with me below.


Screen Tee

Now I love tee shirts that express your mood, purpose and fashion. I am currently rocking my very own line #sheeapparel . This is one of my first and yet very personal at the same time. I solely believe that self-investment is mandatory. This tee shirt can be worn with anything and for any occasion. If you also believe that Self investment is important  grab yours here.


Mesh Skirt

More mesh please. Now me and cream or white never seem to get along. But these days we have been coming to common ground. I picked this skirt from forever21 in the color cream. I believe I paid 10 dollars for it. The Skirt is very comfortable. another gem that you can wear.