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Corset Blazer and Slacks

I told myself what if I took all the love that I give to everyone else and give myself the same effort what would happen. This should be easy right ? To be honest it started out really hard to do . It was hard because it forced me to be vulnerable, forgiving and patient with myself .



The love I want to give myself is going to require some real hard work and I was ready to put In the work. The more I started to pour into myself the more it started out pour into the world which started to make my skin glow. I was finding me , most importantly I was loving me the same way I would love everyone around me. I want to show you how to slay anything at any given time . Whatever you put on no matter what always own the room . 



The Look

Their is something sexy when you dress in all black. For this look I wanted to keep it simple but yet powerful at the same time. 


The Jacket

I love this blazer. I pick this up from my local #Goodwill . If you are not thrifting yet you should be . This is another fabulous #Sheefinds this gem is a blazer by Liz Baker which I got for 3.50 cents a steal right . Now you know I had to grab it . You can rock this blazer with just about everything 



The Corset  

More lace please . Who said corsets can only be worn in the bedroom. I love the style and fit of this corset . I do not remember where I got this from . The brand is by Goddess isn’t she fabulous. You can rock this like I did or even pair this with jeans or a kick ass skirt even more you decide  




Now ya know I live for a nice pair of slacks . This baby’s also came from the Goodwill. They are by Counterparts and I paid 5.00 dollars for this . They are just so fly yet simple. I added my favorite black heels to complete this look  



Lipstick and chocker 

I am rocking Rihanna’s #Fentybeauty matte lipstick in the Color #Stunna let me tell you this lipstick is Ammmmmazzzing and worth every penny . I got the chocker from Forever21 I really love the gold emblements  

let me know how you would rock this look ... 


What will it be

"fashion is what you're offered four times a year by designers . And style is what you choose "-Lauren Hutton


I am loving these fall sunny days in Fresno especially how its completing my milk chocolate skin perfectly. There is something so powerful when you truly invest in the inside and the magic overflows onto the outside. With that being said can we take a minute and talk about this olive green here and let’s not forget this kick a** platform shoes amazing right ... lets break this down shall we…


Floral Kimono

Whoever oversaw designing this beautiful garment I appreciate you. I found this staple piece at Target. You should know me and target have this amazing relationship. I did however have to make some changes by getting rid of that perfect red card lol. We just was not  seeing  eye to eye on some things when it came to my budget and my goals. I love the details of this kimono floral prints mixed with the green, white and burgundy details, this complimented my olive-green dress and my bold lipstick perfectly. The lipstick I am currently rocking is Dose of color matte lipstick in the color black Rose 



Knit Mini Dress

Baby this Olive green is everything, I picked this baby up at one of my favorite places forever21. If I am not mistaken I got this dress for 5.00 dollars did I mention I love to find gems on the sale racks. The materials feel amazing against my skin. I also enjoy the white trim details and the lengths of the shoulders straps. Just look how this dress is falling in all the right places Yessssssss hunty.



Black Platforms

Ok let me first say....I stopped in mid conversation when I seenthese. When a item speaks to your heart there is no other words needed to be said and they had my size I was like hell yes. I found these babies at target and guess how much I paid for them?????  8.38 cents. If they would have had two pair in my size I would have grab both. They are Massimo in the style Juniper in the color black. This is a fabulous #SHEEFINDS if I say so myself. These platforms compliment my outfit so well and they are very comfortable. They remind me of my spice girl days. As you see I am already tall so why not go taller. Never be scared to mix prints and textures. Fashion is your's and the world is your runway.


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know ,First 

Who you are , and then adore yourself accordingly