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Blazer ,Screen Tee and Mesh Top

Let me just say the chill is starting to set in these Fresno neck  of the woods. I still find some ways to have my legs and get as much sunshine as I possibly can. I hope your week is off to an amazing start. As for me well you know. My mission is to leave my fingerprint on the world. If you are thinking of ways to leave your fingerprint always remember to be Fearless, Brave and Phenomenal. I am a firm believer of slaying what you already have and take it to the next level. Fashion is not about brands it about the style you present to the world. Let’s break this down shall we.


The Blazer

This is becoming one of my favorite jackets by far. I love the style, color and fit. The blazer and I first meet at this fabulous store called #Goodwill. I swear I always find amazing gems. This jacket is by #Somersandhunt and you know I got it for a steal right. I paid 3.50 cents for it a steal right. Every time I go there I always leave with something. Don’t be afraid to mix prints and play around with looks. If you recreate this look please share it with me below.


Screen Tee

Now I love tee shirts that express your mood, purpose and fashion. I am currently rocking my very own line #sheeapparel . This is one of my first and yet very personal at the same time. I solely believe that self-investment is mandatory. This tee shirt can be worn with anything and for any occasion. If you also believe that Self investment is important  grab yours here.


Mesh Skirt

More mesh please. Now me and cream or white never seem to get along. But these days we have been coming to common ground. I picked this skirt from forever21 in the color cream. I believe I paid 10 dollars for it. The Skirt is very comfortable. another gem that you can wear.



Corset Blazer and Slacks

I told myself what if I took all the love that I give to everyone else and give myself the same effort what would happen. This should be easy right ? To be honest it started out really hard to do . It was hard because it forced me to be vulnerable, forgiving and patient with myself .



The love I want to give myself is going to require some real hard work and I was ready to put In the work. The more I started to pour into myself the more it started out pour into the world which started to make my skin glow. I was finding me , most importantly I was loving me the same way I would love everyone around me. I want to show you how to slay anything at any given time . Whatever you put on no matter what always own the room . 



The Look

Their is something sexy when you dress in all black. For this look I wanted to keep it simple but yet powerful at the same time. 


The Jacket

I love this blazer. I pick this up from my local #Goodwill . If you are not thrifting yet you should be . This is another fabulous #Sheefinds this gem is a blazer by Liz Baker which I got for 3.50 cents a steal right . Now you know I had to grab it . You can rock this blazer with just about everything 



The Corset  

More lace please . Who said corsets can only be worn in the bedroom. I love the style and fit of this corset . I do not remember where I got this from . The brand is by Goddess isn’t she fabulous. You can rock this like I did or even pair this with jeans or a kick ass skirt even more you decide  




Now ya know I live for a nice pair of slacks . This baby’s also came from the Goodwill. They are by Counterparts and I paid 5.00 dollars for this . They are just so fly yet simple. I added my favorite black heels to complete this look  



Lipstick and chocker 

I am rocking Rihanna’s #Fentybeauty matte lipstick in the Color #Stunna let me tell you this lipstick is Ammmmmazzzing and worth every penny . I got the chocker from Forever21 I really love the gold emblements  

let me know how you would rock this look ... 


What will it be

"fashion is what you're offered four times a year by designers . And style is what you choose "-Lauren Hutton

Tracee Ellis Ross for JCP Kindness Long Sleeve Mock Neck Bodycon Dress

Can we have a moment for this holiday season.I am loving all the fashion pieces I get to play with so far. But my auntie Tracee ( she became my auntie after we had a conversation at #betexperience) has released her line and I am here to slay it. If you havent heard she has launched her line with collaboration with JcPennys on 11-12-2017. Once she released a teaser I had it marked on my calendar. With that being said can we talk about this collection.


Her collection ranges from pillows all the way to suits. I picked up the Tracee Ellis Ross for JCP kindness Long Sleeve Mock Neck Bodycon Dress. This dress retails for 34.00 dollars.



The dress feels amazing on my skin. I got it in a size large because it stretches I could have picked it up in a medium and still been good . It’s fits in all the right places...... yes baby yes I am here for it . I love the color scheme . as a beautiful tall woman . I love my clothes to be full of colorful and make a statement and without me saying  much . You can wear this outfit to a Holiday party ,cocktails with the girls and the annual family dinner.


I wanted to pair this with one of my favorites royal blazer. This is a fablous #sheefinds I found this baby at the Goodwill for $3.25 cents yes the way my Goodwill is set up,they come through everytime. This blazer is by Morgan Taylor. The style of blazer is cut in a tailord style  with a gold button.

IMG_0029 (8).jpg


Fringe please, the holidays are meant for fringe. I got these beautys from Target and you know I was able to find that orange tag special. I believe I got these for 10.87 cents a while ago. Because the dress has the perfect blues , pinks and yellows. It was only right to bring the whole look together. Shee Ready (Tiffany Haddish voice)

IMG_2154 (4).JPG

I am here to say that Tracee Ellis Ross collection is everything. 

IMG_2149 (2).JPG

"It was when...

I realized I needed to stop trying to be somebody else and be myself , I acutually started to own, and accept and love what I had ."-Tracee Ellis Ross



This outfit is dedicated to my cousin Rolanda Taylor who was very courageous in her fight against breast cancer. Also to everyone who survived and those who did not give up without a fight


who knew Jackets would be a key asset to your outfit. How many of us have some gems pushed way back in the closet? Even worst we haven’t worn them because “We” do not have anything to wear with it. Let’s not forget about the weather. Whatever the case is, I am here to show you how I paired this outfit together. Before I forget I have another big secret to share …. So, the outfit I have on is thrifted. Yes, my who outfit cost 26.56, Yes that includes my shoes which I got my Target. LET’S BREAK THIS DOWN SHALL WE.

IMG_0739 (1).jpg


Now me and white are not best friends and never on the same page, with that said I try to avoid it at all cost.  This shirt was a love at first sight so I could not leave it behind. I got this shirt from Team Amvest which is a local thrift store in Fresno.  This shirt is from Rock & Republic and I got it for 5.95, a steal, right? It is a classic white and black sleeveless blouse great for any occasion and it has a black collar with studs on it. It’s also has a long tail but I tucked it in for this look.



Now you know I love to live in color and mixing prints is in my DNA. I decided to wear printed draw string pants by Rewind that I got thrifted for 3.95 cents. Yes 3.95 cents , I love the details on these pants they also have the cargo style at the bottom and they feel great.



Now everyone should own a pair of cream heels. I got these baby’s from Target for 10.87cents. The shoes are Massimo style Kylea in the color Tarped. If you love Target just as much as I do, you know that orange tag is everything. For the most part they are comfortable, but not made for long walking well at least not for me lol.



When I think about Pink two things comes to my mind. First it is fierce as hell and number two it is the new black . This pink pea coat is everything. I got this jacket while thrifting, the coat is by Philippe Adec which I got for 5.79 cents. Just like my favorite Green Blazer, I had to hurry and get it to the car because that was an amazing #SHEEFIND. I also added my royal blue bag which was the cherry on top, which I got from Forever21. So, my exact total for my outfit is 26.56 …  Fabulous, right? Always remember fashion is temporary style is forever.

IMG_1058 (1).jpg


“Style is Knowing who you are, what you want to say, & NOT GIVING A DAMN.”-Orson Welles.

Sharing is Caring ....

IMG_0258 (1).jpg

Who does not love a nice blazer? Can I share a secret with you? yes you. Guess how much I paid for this blazer? ok since you are twisting my hand three dollars and 25 cents. GIRL… That’s what I said ,as I hurried up and took it to my car before someone would notice. This was one of my fabulous finds while As the temperature  begins to settle in I wanted to show you 3 ways to wear a green blazer for any occasion.


1.       Pair it with a skirt

More fringe please…. I love this color combo. Because I  live in color I always look for ways to mix textures and prints  which takes the outfit to the next level . I decided to wear an all-black mesh top that I got from forever 21 and paired it with a burnt orange fringe skirt. Once I added the green blazer it took it to the next level . Because it still warm in  Fresno  I knew my favorite platform would tie it all together. I got my shoes from target also on sale .

IMG_0221 (2).jpg
IMG_0246 (1).jpg

Pair it with some slacks

Who said business casual could not be fabulous . I wanted the blazer to speak for itself . So, I paired it with my mesh top and added some black slacks which was also thrifted from the Goodwill. I believe I paid two dollars for them . I added some black heals . This allowed me Live in color even in a professional setting .

IMG_0317 (1).jpg
IMG_0283 (1).jpg

     Pair it with Jeans

Who doesn’t love some hot grey jeans. I really loved this combination. This was my first time wearing it together . To be honest I do not know why. There is something about black, green and grey. I decided to add some rips to my jeans to take them to the next level . I absolutely   love the way it came out . I wore my black mesh top , grey jeans and the green blazer sealed the deal . The heels gave it that edge .

IMG_0298 (1).JPG
IMG_0600 (2).jpg

 Always remember When it comes to fashion, it should  always compliment your personality.

“The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear.”