SheeisFearless: How no helpped me share my purpose

In this eposide I sit down with Danielle Vaugh who is the  founder of community keys for Needs Inc. where she shares her journey of her purpose 

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EmpowerHer: Everything you need to know about Eyelash extensions and Microbalding

welcome Gorgeours to another great interview . Today we have the pleaseasure of speaking with Deserae Padilla . She is a makeup artisit  and eyelash tech in Fresno ,ca 

About Deserae :
Deserae Padilla
23, Fresno Ca
5 years in the beauty business. Esthetician, Certified makeup artist, lash tech and permanent makeup artist. I chose lashes and brows as my exclusive beauty service because i want my clients to look natural and beautiful with minimal makeup. But still give the perks of makeup with lash extensions and permanent brows. I also help educate fellow beauty professionals.  I offer lash classes for anyone interested in becoming a lash pro.


Let me tell y’all about one of my bestfriends I remember when I was going through my transition I didn’t have a lot of food without asking she overnight her card so me and my daughter could eat . She was going to buy some dry ice so the meat would not get spoiled as it made it way to me ..
I am forever grateful that God has kept her in my life through everything I love you ...

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