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Finish What You Started.... My Open Letter

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my journey on where I started to where I am headed and the most common thought I keep spending time on is where am I headed. If I am honest life has been lifeing and their has been points where I am like you can keep this. But then I remember the GOD that I serve just don't play about me. The things that keep me up at night is being in a pattern of complacy where I miss my mark on who GOD has created me to BECOME.

I use to believe that I can serve and do everything for everybody because I always wanted to add value. The truth I was EXHAUSTED I would pour everything I got and they would be refreshed. I was left to organize the outpour while still managing mine. What I discovered is….

“Most of us believe that courage takes more effort and energy than we have available during this journey we call life. In the moments where your voice depends on it is the moment you must arrive.”

What do you stand on ? We were all created to make an unapologetic footprint on this world. How you speak to yourself or about yourself is crucial. Even if nobody sees it in you, you must see for yourself. Your resilience is your superpower. Your resilience has the ability to return to the original form.. after being bent, compressed or stretched and still rise.

This season you are about to walk into is called Harvest. So for the next 6 months you are going to plant seeds. You are going to write a letter to your future self … sharing all the things you are going to achieve.

Example of letter:

Dear Diedre,

First, let me say” I LOVE YOU” I mean I really love you. I apologize for not giving the best I possibly can. From showing up half or being impatient with your healing process. I forgive you for the choices you made when you seemed off-tracked but I believe that made you who you are in this moment. These next 6 months you are going to blow your own dam mind. For six months focus on the people who you have right now and serve the shit out of them. Be as authentic and intentional as possible as you can. For the next six months show up for you like never done before. This means reading 1 book a month, working out 3 days a week. keep GOD in the midst of everything you're involved with from your finance to pouring into yourself.”

Everything I mentioned I did and some…

I don't know who this is for but finish what you started.

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