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Over Coming Imposter Syndrome

One of my biggest fears that keep me up at night is playing with my own potential by standing in my own way. I want to live a fulfilled loving life where I give permission to myself and the women I serve to show up and own the room. I don't want to play small Nor be confined to who I was in the past. I want to serve in a business that is fully serving me beyond anything I could ever dream off. I want to be fully present with myself, my mind , my love and purpose. I want everything I come in content with to serve as impact.

Being in the business world demands you to engage yourself in a highly competitive and fierce environment. This may cause you to encounter momentary or long-lasting doubts about yourself and what you can bring to the table—even doubts about what you have already contributed. You may tend to ask yourself if you are deserving of your position, title, or achievements or if you are qualified for a certain responsibility. Thus, influencing your view of yourself may later on affect how you work and carry out your skills and expertise successfully. This is called imposter syndrome... can I tell you something you already got the juice.

Imposter syndrome draws on numerous features of an individual’s negative perceptions of themselves and how their kind of thinking is consciously or unconsciously being used as a reason to not believe in themselves. Signs of imposter syndrome vary from both internal and external aspects. Some signs that would showcase an entrepreneur embodying imposter syndrome include self-doubt, where their own capabilities and success are questioned by their own self; refusal to accept your successes, wherein entrepreneurs treat their successes as out of mere ‘luck’; and being too hard on yourself to the point that they would push themselves to the impossible just to prove that they had done enough when they already did the first time.

Without even knowing it we will talk ourselves out of what we want to do faster by simply believing it is out of our reach. Knowing that imposter syndrome is inevitable to most entrepreneurs, take a look at some of these tips on how to overcome it and achieve a healthy relationship with yourself that will eventually be reflected and passed on in your workplace.

Manage your expectations about yourself

We can never really do away with expectations, especially if these have something to do with how we challenge and motivate ourselves to success. However, being able to balance and manage our expectations would result in lesser disappointments and fear of aiming high.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Others’ success may not be your own right now, but it could be in the future! Motivate yourself instead of comparing yourself to others’ successes because that will only eat your mind up in that you will feel discouraged to try harder. Let others’ successes and skills inspire you to do better.

Recognize your efforts—small or big

We always find ourselves trying to aim for the best at work. Being able to recognize the satisfactory efforts you have contributed to the company, may it be small or big, is a way of reassuring yourself that you are worthy of your current position. Let your mind know, through positive affirmations, that you deserve where you are right now.

Reconnect to who you are !!!

Overcoming imposter syndrome, or surpassing it, may seem challenging at first. There may be times that you might feel like the tips are not working, but as long as you apply them with consistency, then you will realize you are capable of changing for good. With enough effort, dedication, commitment, and belief in yourself, no one including yourself can stop you.

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